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Sometimes things unfortunately go wrong, particularly when buying or selling goods. If you feel you have no choice but to issue a claim in the small claims court, specialist assistance from iSolicitor will make a difference. First, we will have a confidential legal consultation with you to discuss your case and the merits of your potential claim. The consultation will give you guidance and assistance on how to take your matter forward. If we feel you would benefit from a solicitors letter we will arrange to send one out on your behalf after the consultation and arrange payment for the letter. At this stage you only pay for the consultation and only pay for the solicitor’s letter afterwards if we say we can send it for you.

The letter we will provide is called ‘a letter before action’. This means we will write to the other party on your behalf, outlining the nature of the dispute, the law and your intention to take this matter to the court if they do not settle within the timescale provided. This letter ensures you have dealt with the requirement to provide notice to the other party of your intention to go to court.

We will ask the other party to contact you directly as this service is for a one off letter. Therefore we cannot send a reply letter as part of this service. If you would like us to write further letters please click on ‘handle my case'.

If you need help with the small claims court, either handling your case in full, representation only, guidance or drafting. Whatever your requirements simply complete the ‘handle my case’ form and a solicitor will be touch.

To arrange a consultation and a solicitors ‘letter before action’ to be sent on your behalf simply click on ‘Go to Online Consultation’ , complete your details, choose ‘yes’ for solicitors letter and a qualified professional will contact you to arrange a consultation appointment that suits you.