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If you need to speak with a qualified legal professional about your legal issue it is advisable to have a consultation rather than ask one question on a question & answer (possibly non solicitor) website.

iSolicitor online consultation is confidential and lasts for thirty minutes. During the consultation your legal advisor will obtain all the relevant information from you, provide unbiased advice under the law and procedure, honestly advise on prospect of success, discuss options which best suit you and advice on best course of action to take in your circumstances and of course answer all the questions you have about your issue!

And remember, if during the consultation you decide you would like your legal advisor to take over your case we will deduct the £50 you paid today from your fixed fee bill so your consultation will be free! Please ask your legal advisor for a fixed fee quote at the end of your consultation.

Simply click on ‘Get Started’ below, fill in the form and a qualified professional will contact you to arrange a consultation appointment that suits you.